Becky G ‘Shower’

I never used to connect with all those massive, summery singles that would come out in the dead of winter in Australia. But now that I’m living in Europe, it clicks and I’m living for it dot co dot UK.

Becky G Shower

American teen rap/pop sensation Becky G‘s onto a tuneful, good one with her new single ‘Shower’, which I guess could be suited to rainy days too. If that’s the reality of what’s outside your window right now.

The 17-year old first caught my eye when she did a feature rap on Cher Lloyd‘s US single ‘Oath’ two years ago. While Ms Lloyd is pressing some rather grown up sounding pop these days, this leaves Becky to readily take on bubbly melodies we expected Cher to do.

‘Shower’ has the sugar and spice combination of rapid-fire rap with a sweet pop hook. The track is produced by Dr Luke, Cirkut and Benny Blanco (hitmakers for Ke$ha and Katy Perry), which explains why this sounds like radio candy.

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Ward Thomas ‘Push For The Stride’

I have never posted a country track on here before, so I apologise if this little interruption to our regular programming upsets you like full lactose milk through my digestive passage. But y’know, whatever, there’s a good chance you might like these girls.

Ward Thomas Push For The Stride

Ward Thomas – made up of 20-year old twins Catherine and Lizzy – look and sound like young Nashville pop idols in the making, even if the band name sounds like something you would find on a law firm plaque.

The girls’ confident new single ‘Push For The Stride’ is a big tune with a sunny disposition that is impossible to dislike, one suspects, even for those who prefer to keep country music at arms’ length.

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Mausi ‘My Friend Has A Swimming Pool’

Yo, this is a straight-up party record made for late sunsets and Long Island Iced Teas.


The four-piece group, breaking out of Newcastle, totally sound like the kind of crew who always seem to know where a house party is kicking off – and will crash it in style.

Lead singer Daisy Finetto sings: “When the sun starts sinking, we’ve already been drinking. When we bounce, leave the house, down the bottles we’re sipping. Wear our shades out at night when we can’t really see nothin’!”

Mausi seem to really excel at closing the distance between between Alphabeat, Phoenix and Ace of Base – which are all amazing groups to be cross-referencing, by the way.

The track has a lick of retro chic goodness with fluorescent, indie-disco beats and stuttering 90s house pianos.

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M.O ‘Dance On My Own’

Didn’t I tell you the tide was turning and we’re about to ride a new wave of female pop groups?

M.O Dance On My Own

English trio M.O is one that has been percolating for a while now but their newest single ‘Dance On My Own’ is possibly their strongest outing to date.

The track knocks you out with body-jerking UK garage beats that are reminiscent of early-millennium Mis-Teeq and So Solid Crew tracks. In fact, ‘Dance On My Own’ samples ‘Flowers’ by Sweet Female Attitude, which was a major hit in the UK 14 years ago.

The man-bashing lyrics itself feels like a reading from the holy scriptures of Destiny’s Child, which is another brilliant throwback we always have time for.

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G.R.L. ‘Ugly Heart’

It’s the dawn of a new era for female pop groups and G.R.L. is one that’s been slowly edging closer to steal the spotlight.

G.R.L. Ugly Heart

The American-Canadian five-piece recently rose to global prominence as feature creatures on Pitbull‘s hit ‘Wild Wild Love‘ but they have, in fact, been knocking about for a few years now.

The all-singing, gyrating and hair-flicking girl group was created by Robin Antin, the same woman who brought us the Pussycat Dolls, and we kinda had a sneaking suspicion that things were going to be huge when news broke on Twitter last year that G.R.L. was working with super producer Dr Luke.

The girls just dropped their new single ‘Ugly Heart’, which is produced by Dr Luke and Cirkut (who have carved monster hits for Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Britney Spears circa Femme Fatale).

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Manou ‘We Are’

So, going by first impressions, does anyone else think that Manou sounds like the sweeter and poppier version of Lorde?


The beautiful half-German and half-English singer is making ripples on the blogosphere with her new single ‘We Are’. The second you start the track, it’s almost like a fluffy pink cloud has been downloaded into the room.

There is an atmospheric quality to the track that immediately squares off with ‘Royals’ with its minimalist R&B beats and hand claps. There’s a simplicity to it that will have you automatically bopping along to it before you can even discern what the track’s about.

It’s gorgeous and unassumingly addictive.

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Bright Light Bright Light “Life is Easy”

London-based electro pop maker, Bright Light Bright Light, is back on our radar with his second album Life Is Easy, and this time his disco moments glow with a warm, loved-up energy.


BLBL is the moniker of Rod Thomas, the triple-threat singer/songwriter/producer who caught our attention two years ago with his confidently composed debut album, Make Me Believe in Hope.

After a stint in New York last year, where he played sold-out shows and earned kudos in Billboard Magazine as a “bubbling under” artist to watch for, Rod is now back with a new body of work that stays faithful to his late 80s and early 90s electro pop oeuvre.

The productions are more subtle on Life Is Easy, which isn’t to say there’s a limited supply of ear candy.

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