#ThrowbackThursday: Emma Bunton “Free Me”

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the best and most consistent solo Spice Girl album to date: Emma Bunton‘s Free Me.

Emma Bunton Free Me


While it’s safe to say none of Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Baby or Posh’s albums will ever alter the course of music history like that of their collective endeavours, there is still something special about Emma’s second album that keeps me coming back.

Free Me arrived just a few sleeps before Valentine’s Day in 2004 but love wasn’t particularly in the air for solo Spice Girls records anymore.

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Troye Sivan “TRXYE”

It’s hardly a stop-the-press moment when some 19-year old YouTube sensation from the other side of the world decides to drop an EP.

But when it tops the iTunes chart in 55 countries, you might want to rethink your position. Something tells us that Mr Troye Sivan is about to be Mr Extra Extra This Just In.


In an era where having substantial social media clout is everything to an emerging artist, Troye had that in the bag long before TRXYE was even thought of.

The South African-born Aussie talent is a triple threat: singer, songwriter and actor, having starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He’s perhaps best known as a YouTube personality, where he is very much in his element, posting videos to over 2 million subscribers and racking up no less than 91 million views.

There’s no doubt that Troye’s army of online followers is responsible for the big impact he’s had on iTunes. It’s easy to write off the exercise as a mere flex of social media power but TRXYE is so on-point, it’s picking up loiterers in the digital corridors and rapidly recruiting them to #TeamTroye.

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Magalie ‘First Kiss’

We’ve only just met but emerging pop starlet Magalie is already making the first move with ‘First Kiss’. It’s a bit forward but frankly, who doesn’t like a bit of that?


The London-based artist counts Taio Cruz as a kinda mentor and has written songs with the likes of Guy Chambers (who has penned numerous hits for Robbie Williams) and Wayne Hector (who has worked with The Wanted and JLS).

Magalie’s debut single ‘First Kiss’ is a stroblit-driven synth pop mania a la Charli XCX. So, like a nod to 80s disco with a modern twist, if you will.

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The Saturdays “Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits”

It may not seem like it to the average consumer but The Saturdays have clocked up quite a chest full of decent pop singles in the last six years.

Finest Selection The Saturdays

It’s only in the context of a well-earned greatest hits package that you notice just how consistent Rochelle, Vanessa, Una, Frankie and Mollie have been in a brutally competitive pop world.

Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits is The Saturdays’ first best-of collection and it’s an all-encompassing package that features 18 singles (13 of which were UK Top 10 smashes) and three new tracks.

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Meghan Trainor ‘All About That Bass’

Bbz, I am so down for a new handclapping, foot-tapping anthem for curvy girls.

meghan trainor all about that bass

Check out Meghan Trainor’s new jam ‘All About That Bass’, a feel good pop tune about being confident in whatever size you are.

Yes, it slides across the line a little into novelty single territory but it’s so damn infectious, you can’t help but jiggly your jelly to it.

Beyoncé told us ‘Pretty Hurts’ and Lily asserts that it’s ‘Hard Out Here’ for a bitch. Now Meghan’s telling you to screw it and just embrace the bass. #EmbraceTheBass

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Four Feed Limmy playlists you will adore

I am obsessed with creating themed playlists on Spotify. I don’t go more than two days without some form of alcohol touching my lips and I don’t go more than two days without updating a playlist.


So here are four of my favourite and, I suppose, well liked Spotify playlists.

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Joel Compass ‘Girlfriends’

He’s got a voice like liquid chocolate, which by default means Joel Compass can sing us the Argos catalogue and it would still sound like sex.

joel compass girlfriends

The 21-year old Londoner premiered his new single ‘Girlfriends’ this week – a follow up to his moody UK Top 40 hit ‘Forgive Me’, which is probably one of my Top 20 favourite songs of 2014 so far.

Unlike its predecessor, ‘Girlfriends’ is a buoyant dance track with cheerful melodies, chic house beats and funky ad libs.

Joel sings, “Got to get us one of those Kodaks, ’cause I picture you in my life”. Ugh, staaaahp!

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