Troye Sivan ‘Happy Little Pill’

He’s had over 91 million views on YouTube, starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and his debut single is one of the coolest tracks you’ll hear this summer.


Everybody say ‘hey’ and wave at your screen to 19-year old South African-born, Aussie-bred talent Troye Sivan (pronounced ‘see-vahn’).

Troye premiered his first single ‘Happy Little Pill’ on Thursday and it pretty much exploded on iTunes the next day.

The melancholy track with an atmospheric electro pop production sonically gazes upon LordeLana Del Rey and Flume. All three artists are extremely on-trend right now.

And frankly, the direction is not at all what you would expect from a twinky, bubbly YouTube personality, right? Slay, Troye. Slay!

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Melissa Steel ‘Kisses for Breakfast’

You might’ve heard this tune on the radio or even seen her name pop up in Spotify ad banners in the last month, but who is Melissa Steel and why is she serving us ‘Kisses for Breakfast’?

melissa steel kisses for breakfast

The 20-year old Bradford babe’s first solo single is one flirtatious treat that remind us of the sugary melodies and sexy innocence of Rihanna‘s first album.

She teases, “Early in the morning, I’m gonna give you something priceless”. Oh, lawd.

The twinkly reggae-pop tune is slowly working its way to becoming one of the UK’s most irresistible summer jams this year. It’s currently circling the UK iTunes Top 10 so I’m not surprised that it makes it big official chart debut some time next week.

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Neon Jungle “Welcome to The Jungle” Album Review

I don’t know if I’ve made enough noise about Neon Jungle but I’ve been anticipating their debut album all year. So much so that I had to take a moment to pause before I streamed it earlier this week. Y’know, just to prepare myself in case I’m disappointed.


These girls are giving me everything I want in a female pop group right now. They seem to have the whole package: edgy streetwise styling, a fierce pop sound and better yet, three Top 10 hits in the last seven months.

But whatever, that’s all well and good, but can this manufactured girl band turn the party with their first full length album?

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Freemasons “Shakedown 3″

It has been five years since the last Freemasons compilation, which by the way was backed by a UK Top 20 smash they did with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, ‘Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)‘, and floor-filler remixes of Beyoncé, Solange and Kylie‘s singles. How do you top that?


If you’re scanning the Shakedown 3 track list for more pop divas – you might be disappointed. The grandmasters of house are doing something richer and more connected with the house music scene with this collection.

Shakedown 3 is a three-disc opus, featuring two full-length DJ mixes and an album of brand new tunes.

The Freemasons are known for delivering dramatic house records with big vocals on blast. It’s what they’re known for and after 10 years of working together, James and Russell are not about to flip the table on their signature sound.

We’ve got in-demand dance music vocalists like Katherine Ellis and Amanda Wilson, as well as a few must-hear artists who might not be regulars on the club charts (i.e. – Emma Rohan and Joel Edwards).

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Becky G ‘Shower’

I never used to connect with all those massive, summery singles that would come out in the dead of winter in Australia. But now that I’m living in Europe, it clicks and I’m living for it dot co dot UK.

Becky G Shower

American teen rap/pop sensation Becky G‘s onto a tuneful, good one with her new single ‘Shower’, which I guess could be suited to rainy days too. If that’s the reality of what’s outside your window right now.

The 17-year old first caught my eye when she did a feature rap on Cher Lloyd‘s US single ‘Oath’ two years ago. While Ms Lloyd is pressing some rather grown up sounding pop these days, this leaves Becky to readily take on bubbly melodies we expected Cher to do.

‘Shower’ has the sugar and spice combination of rapid-fire rap with a sweet pop hook. The track is produced by Dr Luke, Cirkut and Benny Blanco (hitmakers for Ke$ha and Katy Perry), which explains why this sounds like radio candy.

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Ward Thomas ‘Push For The Stride’

I have never posted a country track on here before, so I apologise if this little interruption to our regular programming upsets you like full lactose milk through my digestive passage. But y’know, whatever, there’s a good chance you might like these girls.

Ward Thomas Push For The Stride

Ward Thomas – made up of 20-year old twins Catherine and Lizzy – look and sound like young Nashville pop idols in the making, even if the band name sounds like something you would find on a law firm plaque.

The girls’ confident new single ‘Push For The Stride’ is a big tune with a sunny disposition that is impossible to dislike, one suspects, even for those who prefer to keep country music at arms’ length.

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Mausi ‘My Friend Has A Swimming Pool’

Yo, this is a straight-up party record made for late sunsets and Long Island Iced Teas.


The four-piece group, breaking out of Newcastle, totally sound like the kind of crew who always seem to know where a house party is kicking off – and will crash it in style.

Lead singer Daisy Finetto sings: “When the sun starts sinking, we’ve already been drinking. When we bounce, leave the house, down the bottles we’re sipping. Wear our shades out at night when we can’t really see nothin’!”

Mausi seem to really excel at closing the distance between between Alphabeat, Phoenix and Ace of Base – which are all amazing groups to be cross-referencing, by the way.

The track has a lick of retro chic goodness with fluorescent, indie-disco beats and stuttering 90s house pianos.

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